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Sending your Calipers for Remanufacture

Simply send us your calipers, removing all pads, pins, hoses etc, with full contact details (address, telephone, e-mail) and confirmation of finish required including any quotation detail. Please do not send any money! When your calipers are ready we will call you to arrange shipping and payment

Posting your old Calipers for Cash Back

If you have purchased calipers with a cash back option, you can send us your old units for cash back up to six months after the purchase date. Please include your original invoice number; name adress and telephone number. Please note all refunds are paid in the same manner as the sale.

Old Caliper Acceptance

Calipers can be returned even if seized or rusty however calipers thattne broken/damaged castings or bleed screws will be not be accepted.


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