Am I ordering calipers to be delivered to me or a service on my own calipers?

All prices quoted and services are for remanufacturing carried out on your calipers. You must complete the information and send in your calipers to us for the complete service.


How do I send my calipers to you?

To send your calipers to us you can drop them off in person, take them to your local post office or use a comparison courier site.

Our address is:

Bigg Red Ltd
The workshop
Weir Lane

Please ensure you have packaged them sufficiently to protect them from damage in transit. You must include the following information:  

Contact number                            
Delivery address                            
Service and colour (i.e. Premium red / Standard silver)                            
Make, model and year of car                            
Car registration                            


Please wrap your letter in an envelope/protective casing as brake fluid erodes ink! If your letter is blank when the calipers arrive they are placed in quarantine until they are claimed. 

Once they have arrived, they will start going through our remanufacture process and we will contact you when they have been tested and ready to send back to you.

Is the remanufacture price for a pair or single caliper?

All remanufacture prices quoted are for a pair of calipers (set of 2). If you require just a single caliper remanufacturing please contact our team here

What is the turnaround time on remanufacturing?

Turnaround time is dependent on the finish of the caliper you have selected.
For standards: Average lead time is 2 working days *

Electroplate: Average lead time is 10 working days
Premium: Average lead time is 15 working days

Any further customisations such as decals or a bespoke colour matching service may add on additional time - please speak to member of our team directly to check the current turnaround for your selection on 01905 428 793 (Mon - Fri, 9:30am - 5:30pm)

To see further information on the different services we offer, please see here

* Subject to change. During busy points of the year this could take slightly longer. Please speak to our staff to get the most up to date turnaround times.


What are the different finish options for my calipers?

There are three different options when considering the finished coating for your calipers. Each has their merits and if you are unsure, our team of experts will happily discuss the options with you. 

Standard: A basic paint finish unconcerned about cosmetics. Average lead time: 3 working days

Electroplate: This industry standard finish is still used on the majority of new cars. Average lead time: 15 business days

Premium: Treated with anti corrosive undercoat, 2 top coats and bullet proof lacquer. Average lead time: 15 business days

To find out more detail about each of these finishes and which would suit you best, please click here

Can I have a customisation that I cannot find on your website?

If there is something for your caliper remanufacture service that you cannot find listed, please contact our team here and they will be happy to help you.


Is there a warranty on my calipers?

There is a hydraulic warranty on your calipers for 12 months after you have received them. 


Are there any additional costs to my remanufacture?

The only additional cost to your caliper rebuild will be the return postage fee to yourself. This is £7.99 for a pair or free for a set of 4 calipers, for a 24 hour postal service. 

What if I am based outside of the UK?

We ship internationally to over 170 countries! Currently that service is not available on our website, however you can find over 16,000 listings on our ebay store that will send them straight to your door. If you would prefer to speak to a member of our team regarding different postage options, please contact them here.


Can you repair broken bleed screws?

Generally we can repair and remove the broken bleed screws from your calipers. However all calipers are different and our team would need to see them beforehand. Please note that this will incur an extra charge. Please send photos and discuss with our team here.

I am unsure that I have selected the right components for my car, how can I be sure?

If you are searching for particular components for your vehicle please enter your reg and/or your make & model on our ‘components search’ page. Underneath the listing there will be a ‘vehicle fitment’ table, providing you with extra details and measurements for you to be able to find your correct part. 


If you are still a little unsure of which one is specific to you, please contact our team of experts who will be more than happy to assist! There can be just millimetres between 2 different component options but will make all the difference when you come to fit them. 


How do I fit these parts to my caliper?

We will be updating our website page ‘how to’ with different videos of tips and tricks. Let us know if there is something in particular you would like to watch our expert builders do and we can see whether we can accommodate you!





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