The Remanufacture Process

To view the remanufacturing prices for your calipers, simply select your vehicle and the finish you desire. If you wish to go ahead and arrange the remanufacturing service for your calipers, simply complete this form here and send yours to us with your name, contact number and finish. We will contact you when they have been tested and ready to send back!

To learn more about the process, different services and customisation options please read more below

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The Remanufacture Process


Upon arrival, your calipers are visually inspected for any damage, photographed & then logged onto our data management system allowing their progress to be tracked at any time. Should your calipers require any further engineering (ie. broken bleed screws/damaged mounting bolts/damaged threads) this will incur extra charges (you will be contacted before this extra work is carried out). We never substitute your calipers, what you send in is what you receive back. We take pleasure in leasing new life into calipers, whatever the starting condition.


Next, your calipers are completely stripped (of all seals, screws, bolts etc) and then hot washed to remove any last traces of dirt or dust.Your calipers are then tumble blasted down to bare alloy or cast iron to allow for an accurate material inspection. To maintain their integrity, small and delicate parts are hand blasted by our trained mechanics